Video: Meet Theresa Eastman

This video is an interview with Theresa Eastman, recorded in December of 2019 and shown in February of 2020 at one of the Women’s Ministry groups at New Hope Church in New Hope, Minnesota.  Theresa shares her story and her hopes for the people of Rosebud reservation in South Dakota:  that they would personally know Jesus Christ and experience His love and acceptance.

One thought on “Video: Meet Theresa Eastman

  1. I/we have been working with Native church leaders on Pine ridge for the last 2 years. In what is called the “Build Program” it is one of the outreach programs of the “Center for Indian Ministries” that is part of Oak Hills Fellowship in Bemidji MN. Build is a 2 year program that goes to the reservation once a Mo for the best part of the 2 years. It ‘may’ be going to Rosebud soon.
    It is folks like Theresa that will able to have a very large impact on Native People. I will be praying for Gods leading as far as where our Ministry may help.
    Thank You for this info.
    Bob. Reflecting the Light Ministry. Brainerd, MN.

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